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Investment Products

Class Asset Management individual international Clients are succesful people who share our belief in high potential of investing in the buyoant Ukrainian economy. Our Company stands by the Clients to help them navigate through rewarding, but also risky waters of Ukrainian business environment and legislation. Investing in Funds managed by Class Asset Management, Clients will heve opportunity to use Class Asset Management research and risk management capacity. 

Every Client can make a choice of h/er appropriate investment strategy when investing in Class Asset Management funds. Based on your investment objectives and limits, Company experts will help you select a product that can maximize your income and manage associated risks.

As a pre-caution, we always tell our Clients, however that unlike depositing money in a bank, in the case of public or private equity and venture investments, neither the professional Fund Manager, not the State can guarantee any certain income - our business is to present you the opportunities, explain the risks, help you make educated and timely investment decisions and execute your transactions smoothly.