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Become an Investor

To acquire the securities of Funds managed by Class Asset Management, we advise to undertake the following steps:

  1. Consult with Class Asset Management representative and upon the Client Identification procedure, receive Prospectus of selected Fund, conduct investment analysis and decide on which Funds'  securities you would like to purchase.
  2. Fill in the request to purchase the Fund's securities form and send the form to us at:  asset@classinvest.com.ua or by fax to: +380 (44) 287-6253.
  3. Based on your request, Class Asset Management will prepare transaction documentation
  4. Client (or Client's Representative) makes a scheduled visit to our office to sign the original Request form and Purchase and Sale Agreement for Fund's securities (documentation could be also sent via international express mail).
  5. Upon signing the Agreement, transfer the funds as payment for investment certificates and request your Custody to allocate Fund's certificates to your account.
  6. In case you do not have accounts at a Bank and / or Custody, Class Asset Management specialists will help you open such accounts with minimized costs and time.
  7. Upon the payment receipt for investment certificates, Class Asset Management will request our Depository to transfer the certificates to your account. The Law stipulates the maximum seven-day period for such transfer. Your ownership of the investment certificates will be confirmed by the account statement to be provided by your Custody.


Required Documents for Client Identification

For individual investors - Ukraine residents

passport of Ukrainian citizen;

certificate to confirm spouse consent to sign the Securities Purchase and Sale Agreement (if the Client is married);

original Tax Code certificate;

certificate from the Bank on Client's current account in UAH;

certificate from the Custody - member of Ukrainian National Depository System on the Securities Account;

Client Questionnaire;

certificate of consent to use Client's personal data.

For individual investors - non - residents

Personal ID, in accordance with Ukrainian legislation;

original tax code certificate (if available);

certificate from the Bank on Client's investment account in Ukrainian banking institution;

certificate from the Custody - member of Ukrainian National Depository System on the Securities Account;

for Client's Representative additionally please provide notarized POA and a notarized copy or two notarized copies of the POA. Client's Representative should provide a passport, original tax code certificate, Client Questionnaire and certificate of consent to use personal data.