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About STARTUP Fund

The development of every business runs through several different phases. Each next phase is followed by the necessity to attract additional financial resources for development of the business. Accessibility of the capital as well as mechanisms of its raising are defined by  specific factors. The most difficult arises when the company seeks to get appropriate finances at the early stage of business development. 

Even the most promising newly established businesses are restricted to bank loans due to absence of credit score and appropriate collateral. Most companies are also banned from the stock market for the reasons of high costs, complexity and slowness of the IPO and bond issue procedures. 

As a result, the direct equity financing becomes the most effective way of funding the core business activities of the small and medium-sized entreprises (SMEs).

Class Asset Management invites to cooperation SMEs which seek finances for development and expansion of their core activities.

VC Fund STARTUP aims to be a reliable partner to business and provide vitally needed finances to promising business projects.

Investment Objective of the STARTUP Fund – capital appreciation through investment in equity and debt of high-growth small and medium Ukrainian companies realized in 3-5 years from the sale of the stake to company owners or strategic investor.


STARTUP fact sheet:

Fund Type - Undiversified Closed-end VC Fund

Registered in the Unified State Register of Mutual Investment Institutions  (YeDRISI) under number 2331737, date of registration 06 Dec 2011

Lifetime Period – 7 years

Geography – Ukraine

Investment Certificate Type – registered certificate

Form of Investment Certificate Issue - book-entry form

Fund Size – UAH 10 mln

Par Value of Investment Certificate – UAH 1,000

Minimal Subscribtion for Legal Entity – UAH 500,000

Minimal Subscribtion for Private Individual – UAH 1,650,000

Total stake of Class Asset Management (affiliates) in the issue – 20%